A downloadable game for Windows

Press R if you got stuck

Dive in space and collect stars. Plus cute planet. What more do you want?

Goal of the game is to collect all the stars and land on platform. Less use of boost means better score.

There is 8 pretty basic levels. There wasn't time for more. But it's fun trying to beat your score. Also check out leaderboard at the end of each level.


- Boost -> Up arrow key (or W)

- Rotate -> Left/Right arrow key (or A and D)

- Restart -> R key

- Pause/Menu -> Esc key

- Music -> M Key

Ludum Dare Page

Made by HD @HDTeaV

NOTE: This game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare game jam. Therefore it's in very early stage of development.


SpaceDiver-v0.53-win.zip 15 MB

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